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Description of characteristics and application information of C9 petroleum resin


C9 petroleum resin is a general term for resinous substances which are synthesized by copolymerization of olefins or cyclolefins, by-products of cracked petroleum, or by copolymerization with alde…

Characteristics of C_5 Petroleum Resin


C-5 petroleum resin , also known as C5 petroleum resin, has occupied an important position as tackifying resin. Among them, hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, rubber tires and other f…

Petroleum resins are used in various fields


Application of petroleum resins in various fields: Other applications of hot melt adhesives: hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives, solvent pressure sensitive adhesives. Functions an…

Application of petroleum resin in road paint


The use of petroleum resin in road paint. The previous minor series has given us a lot of common knowledge about petroleum resin. Today, the minor series will continue to share some common knowl…

Application of petroleum resins


Petroleum resin is a kind of thermoplastic resin produced by a series of processes such as pretreatment, polymerization, distillation and so on. Petroleum resin is named for its origin as petro…

Characteristics of petroleum resin


Petroleum resin is different from other thermosetting compounds in that it does not release low molecular compounds during the curing process, and has high condensation in the liquid state. Curi…

Characteristics of petroleum resin


Petroleum resin , also known as C5 petroleum resin, as a viscosifier resin has occupied an important position. One of the largest amount of hot melt adhesive and pressure-sensitive rubber, rubber t…

Polyurethane Adhesives and Their Applications


Polyurethane adhesives are adhesives containing carbamate group (-NHCOO-) or isocyanate group (-NCO) in the molecular chain. main features It can be divided into polyisocyanate and polyurethane, beca…